Press Credentials

Thank you for considering iNA as your trusted source to obtain Press Credentials and Press IDs.

Although iNA is aware that Press Credentials are not a requirement to being an active member of the press, or to carry out Journalistic functions, they can be very a helpful tool to have at your disposal!

How long are they valid for?

iNA Press Credentials are offered in varying validity packages of 1, 2, 3 and 4 year validity periods.

  • 1 year = $100
  • 2 years = $150 ($100+$50=$150)
  • 3 years = $200 ($100+$50+$50=$200)
  • 4 years = $250 ($100+$50+$50+$50=$250)

What you get with iNA Press Credentials

These “Press Packages” all include both a (Badge-style) Press ID & a Press ID for your wallet or purse.

  1. Press Credentials (we stand behind the Journalists we extend credentials to).
    • The Title of (for example): Journalist, Reporter, Photojournalist, etc
  2. Two (2) physical Press IDs (both contain your photo).
    • One (1) each featured in two (2) formats [one (1) horizontal and one (1) portrait].
    • The Portrait (Badge Style) Press ID (has an oblong hole in it for ease of use with lanyards).
    • The Horizontal (driver’s license style) Press ID (without oblong hole as it is for use as a backup to keep in your purse or wallet so you are never without a Press ID)!
    • Both are two (2) sided and feature several security features such as:
      • Security hologram!
      • Security photos on both sides (specially formatted miniatures of your main photo underlying the iNA logo).
      • Online verification code printed on the back which links to our Online Verification System in case you experience additional scrutiny at a given venue.
      • Our Press IDs are all made of the same type of material that most Drivers Licenses, Credit Cards, and National IDs are made of and as a result, are highly durable quality Press IDs!
      • They also contain other security features not outlined here which only authentic iNA Press Credentials have!
  3. Inclusion into our Online Verification System.
    • All iNA Press IDs include a unique ten (10) digit Verification Code.
    • An accompanying Verification Page which states several particulars like:
      • Your Photo
      • Your Legal Name
      • Your Journalistic Title
      • Your Current Membership Status (whether in Good-standing or not)
      • Links to some of your articles/content and more (optional)


iNA stands behind it’s Journalists, be they fourth estate or fifth estate in their style or outlet.  We believe that true journalism is supposed to be accessible to all and the responsibility of all to follow true Journalistic Practice (as outlined in our CoC).  Likewise, those who desire to work in this important field should have access to quality Credentials, IDs and the accompanying support that our on-line verification system provides.

We can, when given enough advance notice, and enough information about the event, interview, venue, etc. provide cover letters specific to the event you are interested in covering to aid in increasing your chances of successfully gaining access to cover the stories you are passionate about sharing.

Before applying for iNA Press Credentials, you must read and agree to iNA’s various legal documents.

During holidays, such as Christmas, New Years, Major National Holidays, etc. the processing time of applications can take some additional time.  Please keep this in mind when submitting your application.

Once your application is approved, we will then contact you so you can then proceed with your payment options (provided after approval) in order for us to process and issue your Press IDs and accompanying Credentials and inclusion into our Online Verification System.

Please note: iNA Press IDs are the exclusive property of iNA and as such iNA reserves its right, at its sole discretion to both grant and revoke iNA Press Credentials.  Please see our Legal Documents for more information (link opens in new browser window).

If you are starting out in Journalism, please let us know in your application… we love helping new Journalists!  However, if possible please provide at least one (more is better) quality article, story or interview that you have produced (written, audio or video formates are all welcomed)… just make sure it/they follow our CoC.