Verification Code

iNA issues and/or revokes Press Credentials at it’s sole discretion.  Part of iNA’s credentials is online verification of said credentials.

The VERIFICATION CODE issued to each and every member of the Press that iNA credentials, is a unique ten (10) digit number consisting of alpha-numeric characters which are always UPPERCASE letters and do not consist of any special characters… no exceptions.

The formula to understand iNA’s VERIFICATION CODE is actually quite simple and straight forward.

Example: a PHOTOJOURNALIST named John Henry Doe having been issued iNA credentials on January 1st, 2001, would have a VERIFICATION CODE  of: 010101JD00.

This is because iNA VERIFICATION CODES use the date of issue in each unique CODE as well as the first letter of the first name (in this case ‘J’) and the first letter of the last name (in this case ‘D’).

The format is: YYMMDDNNSS

      • YY – The last 2 digits of the YEAR of issue (i.e. 2001 would be ’01’)
      • MM – 2 digit designation of MONTH of issue (i.e. JANUARY would be ’01’)
      • DD – 2 digit designation of DAY of issue (i.e. the 1st of the month would be ’01’)
      • NN – The first ‘N’ is using the first letter of the first name of the person and the second ‘N’ is using first letter of the last name of the person
      • SS – Sequential Serial numbers in the event that two people are issued credentials on the same date and have the same initials (i.e. John Doe and Julia Dante).  In the event that there is such a conflict then the first one receiving the issuance of credentials would have a VERIFICATION CODE of: 010101JD00 and the second one would be issued: 010101JD01 using the example above.  Frankly, the possibility of ever surpassing 99 people with the same initials being issued credentials on the same date is extremely slim.

If you are in doubt of iNA credentials presented to you, please do not hesitate to contact us for further verification, or if you encounter any error, thank you.