Press Pass Application Form

For the most part, the basic requirements for a Passport style photo is what iNA has in mind.  However, BEFORE getting your photo taken for your Press Pass Application, please review our requirements for press photos!  Avoid any delay to your application approval by reading this short page for clarity! (link opens in new browser window)

Remember, any Press Pass Application will automatically get disqualified if submitted without a photo. (Please note: the upload functionality is still being tested and put into place, so grace is currently extended)

Press Pass Applications submitted with a photo that does not conform to the Press Pass Photo Requirements are also disqualified!  Again, please read the instructions before getting your photo taken. (link opens in new browser window)

Special Situations

Special situations we should be aware of such as, if you are just starting out in Journalism.  If you have an impending date which you should receive your Press Credentials by.  Or if there are some special needs or questions you may have.

In order to help us serve you better, use the application field designated “Special needs iNA should be aware of?”.  When and where appropriate, we consider every submitted special request.  Although we cannot move mountains, we certainly can try from time to time.

Press Pass Application Form:

Select your Press Package validity period(required)

What do they cost?

iNA Press Credentials are offered in varying validity packages of 1, 2, 3 and 4 year validity periods.  You choose which package is right for your needs!

  • 1 year = $100
  • 2 years = $150 ($100+$50=$150)
  • 3 years = $200 ($100+$50+$50=$200)
  • 4 years = $250 ($100+$50+$50+$50=$250)

(Payment processing to be implemented soon, please submit the form and we will contact you with your current payment options)

Questions, Comments or Concerns?

If at any time, you feel you need to contact us, please contact us using the form on our Contact Page.  We will respond as soon as possible to resolve any issue you may be experiencing.

If you feel your Press Pass Application is being delayed, please DO NOT submit a second Press Pass Application Form.  Contact us through our Contact Page to confirm the receipt of your Application.

Please be aware that once your Press Pass Application is submitted and approved, we will contact you with payment options at that time.

Thank you for considering iNA for you Press Credential needs!