INA offers memberships to organizations and individuals who are interested in becoming part of our network.  Members can post and share their stories and other content through our website and other social media outlets.

We also offer our services to organizations and news syndicates who want a trusted third-party to create and manage Press Credentials for their staff. This provides a factor of good will and trust with the public, because your staff will be bound by our principles of journalistic ethics and standards.  Should one of your staff act unprofessionally we would review the situation and work towards a suitable resolution of all complaints filed with us.

We offer co-branded Press Credentials for your organization.  This helps to solidify your image, with the added value of having third-party verification codes that provide validation for the individual with the Press Credential. For further information on these services, please contact us.

Unless otherwise mutually agreed, all content submitted by members shall be considered to belonging to them. iNA shall be granted a perpetual, non-exclusive right to the use of any materials submitted for publication on the iNA website and any social network iNA deems appropriate. iNA currently has a ‘non-exclusive’ provision for all stories and articles submitted for publication.  Accordingly, your submissions may, at your discretion, also be published on other media sites.

If you have an urgent need a set of credentials (Press Pass, Press Badges, etc.) for a specific event, or to otherwise gain access to a press conference, and would like to do so ‘on assignment’ for iNA, please contact us as soon as possible and provide us with:

  1. your full name
  2. your background in journalism (if you are new to journalism, that is okay, just let us know)
  3. a current email address
  4. complete information about the event

Upon receipt your information, we will consider expediting a special set of Press Credentials for you at a discount, or if warranted, complimentary.

If you are not on a deadline, please submit your application at Press Credentials. We will respond in a timely manner.