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Microsoft seems to have a problem…

Losing access to an MSN email account due to poor programing by Microsoft…

So, Microsoft has a problem… I know, I know, what company doesn’t. What I am referring to is the fact that Microsoft’s email service at is no longer free. Of course if you had an account before the switch to the paid service, then you are grandfathered in. So, no harm no foul on Microsoft for that.

What I am talking about is how I inadvertently lost my MSN account and they can’t seem to get it back for me. Continue reading “Microsoft seems to have a problem…”

iNA Development

Great news… iNA is nearing completion.  Our target launch date is 1 April, 2017!

Thanksgiving and thankfulness

I know there are many Americans who’s only view of Thanksgiving Day is that of a day to feast on Turkey, Pies and all the fixin’s… to sit around the TV watching the game, or to take a nap after dinner… often referred to as, “succumbing to a Turkey-induced comatose state”.

For many, it is a day off of work, and an opportunity to kick-back and relax. But I think we often get Continue reading “Thanksgiving and thankfulness”

A ‘Neo-Panamax’ event

On June 26th 2016, I witnessed a historic event at the Cocolí Locks in Panamá.  The previous day, Jim & I had been to the Miraflores Locks during a Press Briefing, but neither seeing a ‘Panamax’ container ship transiting the locks on the 25th, nor during my first visit to Miraflores nearly 20 years ago, prepared me for Continue reading “A ‘Neo-Panamax’ event”

A ‘Panamax’ event

When Jim & I traveled to Panamá to cover the inauguration of the expanded Canal Locks, we were also able, as registered members of the Press, to attend a Press only briefing and tour the day before the big event.

miraflores group photo
Group Photo of attending members of the Press.

We were able to visit the Miraflores Centennial Locks & Visitor Center… a place Continue reading “A ‘Panamax’ event”

Panama Canal Expansion

As many of you know, I recently covered the Panama Canal Expansion Ceremonies. It was a grand celebration, and a big day for Panama. Buddy and I enjoyed being part of it, and we came away with a Continue reading “Panama Canal Expansion”

Back from Panama

After a whirlwind trip to Panama to attend the inauguration of the new canal, I am back in Costa Rica.  The celebration at the canal was clearly over the top.

Along with my partner, Buddy, I spent three days in and around the canal in pursuit of the story about the new expanded part of the canal.  We attended the inauguration Continue reading “Back from Panama”

Dedication of the “new” canal

The BIG news from the Republic of Panama (in the deep south), is about what will happen on June 26. That is when the Panama Canal will open the new wider shipping lanes, and bigger locks. This will allow the majority of the ships that Continue reading “Dedication of the “new” canal”

The Expanded Panama Canal

The real news for June has not occurred yet, but I feel that it is important to present a head’s up on an event that will take center stage on June 26th. The event to which I refer is the opening and dedication of the expanded Panama Canal.

It is now 102 years after the canal originally opened in 1914. The world of shipping has Continue reading “The Expanded Panama Canal”