by Jim Sayers

The JFK assassination file that was mandated to be released 50 years after it was sealed was not released. Why did President Trump and AG Barr block the release? The stated reason is that because it affects national security. How convenient. Believe it or not, some events that happened before WWII are still classified under national security as well. If you understand why Continue reading “IF NOT NOW, WHEN?”


The Internet News Alliance was launched with several goals in mind. Time and circumstances have given us a different world so we are getting in step with what we feel will be the best use of our website. Our focus is to join with both professional and citizen journalists to provide meaningful daily news and commentary to our readers. We invite you to become a news contributor and help us evolve.

We plan to launch our redesigned website later this year. In the meantime, we will be updating the current website on an almost daily basis. The changes should function just fine, but we apologize for any confusion or inconvenience it may cause you.

Welcome to iNA

I want to welcome all of our new Citizen Journalists. It is a pleasure to have you aboard. If you need assistance, we are available to help. Submit your questions or comments in the LEAVE A REPLY comment field below.

All the best to each of you. I look forward to reading the stories and news items that you present.

Website Revision


The changes will allow us to better present the avalanche of dramatic events that are now happening all over the world. You may notice that some familiar locations have moved, or maybe even disappeared. Just consider that to be magic.

The website goal is to present the most relevant news and commentary. we will continue to evolve as circumstances dictate. More than ever, solid unfiltered news is important in today’s rapidly changing world. We want to keep pace as they unfold.

We are very happy to have you aboard, and we thank you for your patience as we evolve.

Microsoft seems to have a problem…

Losing access to an MSN email account due to poor programing by Microsoft…

So, Microsoft has a problem… I know, I know, what company doesn’t. What I am referring to is the fact that Microsoft’s email service at is no longer free. Of course if you had an account before the switch to the paid service, then you are grandfathered in. So, no harm no foul on Microsoft for that.

What I am talking about is how I inadvertently lost my MSN account and they can’t seem to get it back for me. Continue reading “Microsoft seems to have a problem…”

Responsibilities of the Press

First of all, this article touches on some issues brought up on pages like Who can be a Journalist? and Are Press Credentials Required? In fact iNA’s Code of Conduct or “CoC”, which is a great guide for both aspiring and seasoned journalist alike.  It is also the very core of what embodies what a journalist should be all about.  This is partially why I chose to write just some of my thoughts on the Responsibilities of the Press and Journalism…

However, there are many realities that are faced around the world by both professional and citizen journalists.  Most often is Continue reading “Responsibilities of the Press”

Thanksgiving and thankfulness

I know there are many Americans who’s only view of Thanksgiving Day is that of a day to feast on Turkey, Pies and all the fixin’s… to sit around the TV watching the game, or to take a nap after dinner… often referred to as, “succumbing to a Turkey-induced comatose state”.

For many, it is a day off of work, and an opportunity to kick-back and relax. But I think we often get Continue reading “Thanksgiving and thankfulness”

A ‘Neo-Panamax’ event

On June 26th 2016, I witnessed a historic event at the Cocolí Locks in Panamá.  The previous day, Jim & I had been to the Miraflores Locks during a Press Briefing, but neither seeing a ‘Panamax’ container ship transiting the locks on the 25th, nor during my first visit to Miraflores nearly 20 years ago, prepared me for Continue reading “A ‘Neo-Panamax’ event”