by Jim Sayers

The JFK assassination file that was mandated to be released 50 years after it was sealed was not released. Why did President Trump and AG Barr block the release? The stated reason is that because it affects national security. How convenient. Believe it or not, some events that happened before WWII are still classified under national security as well. If you understand why then you probably also understand how the shadow government functions.

There is a reason that the information about the 911 event, the Las Vegas shootings, the Kennedy assignation, and the several other nation-changing incidents are closely guarded, and/or whitewashed before being released. Why don’t they simply tell us the truth? Is it because it would upset the status quo, the balance of power if they were to tell us the truth? The files on Kennedy’s assignation were (by law) to be opened fifty years after the event. President Trump said that he could not allow that. Maybe he wanted to release them, but his boss told him no.

If you are a Christian then you know about Satan and his plan. If you are more oriented to a secular view of the world, then it is the evil or self-serving people who want to control the planet that will never let the truth be known about any life-changing events. It hurts their plans. However, keep in mind that a rose by any other name is still a rose. Happenings like the 911 event might be granted a new formal review by the government. I understand that a new investigation is now probable, but even if that happens it is highly unlikely that anything will change.

All presidents (even Donald Trump) are controlled by a higher authority. A twelve-year-old can see that. The odds are near zero that the situation will ever change. Why??? Well, the planet runs on a predetermined formula, and if that formula were to be altered then the whole system could go down or be out of balance. Would that be a good thing?

Instead of naming a nefarious organization I simply call those who control our lives “The Evil Ones.” They are the ones that create events to cause a paradigm shift. We saw it with two world wars, Viet Nam and the events of 9/11. We can see it happening right now with the virus event that has recently been proven to have come from a lab in China. If a couple of years ago you announced that a virus would cripple the economy of the world, you would have had people laugh in your face. No one is laughing now.

Planning for this virus event has been out there for at least five years. Some can trace it back 40 years, but who’s counting? Little Billy Gates’s role in it is now in better focus. In 2015 at a “TED Talk” he told us all about it, but not many people believed what he was saying. Heretofore, that notion was beyond our imagination. I wonder how the people who always label everything new a “conspiracy theory” feel now? I don’t know about that, but I do know that the people in power do not want to give up that power. They will do whatever it takes to protect their turf.

I do not know if Bill Gates is a devil or angel, or a little of both? There is clear evidence to support both positions so you decide for yourself. His recent divorce announcement has opened up a Pandora’s Box for him and Microsoft. What is flowing out to the public is a river of heretofore private information that is raising questions beyond what just relates to his marriage. In time this will get more interesting.

Ready or not, there is a big change coming to the USA. Even if you don’t yet know the end game you no doubt sense that things are changing. It may not yet be clear to us what will happen, but it is not likely to be enjoyed by, or embraced by many people. Some negative effects of living with and life after Covid-19 might be mitigated by moving to a different geographical area inside or outside of the country, but unless one has a spaceship, and/or a ton of cash, one will still be under the new system no matter where they may roam. I know that because I used to roam a lot and I saw that all governments share many of the same characteristics. Some governments are better than others, but the term for the people who want to control the planet is “Globalists.” That means that their reach covers the globe. Interestingly, ALL of the billionaires are buying islands and or making bunkers in places like New Zealand. What do they know that there are not sharing with the rest of us?

We constantly deal with secrets. When the people in charge of a government want to keep their work from view they label it as classified and keep it a secret. This secrecy issue is a snake pit without a bottom, but for now, one simply needs to understand the hierarchy of the system. The org chart below is crude, but when it comes to understanding who has the power, it gets us into the ballpark. There are no doubt many subcategories that could be added to what I present here, but this is the overall organization. Those at the very top will always be unknown. We will go to our graves never knowing them, but the lower levels are out in the open and every day we see them at work.


I’ll bet you know which way biological matter runs.

Have you noticed the price of oil? It is what drives the economy of the world. When Donald Trump made the right moves to cause the price of oil to go way down and in the process made the USA energy independent it angered the Globalists. They fought back in ways that we are still discovering. Now with a new controlled resident in the White House, the price of oil is soaring. That is not by accident. The globalists get their money from petroleum. My last question is: How do you like your experience at the pump these days?

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